Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fedex Package Delivered While On Vacation How Can I Hold (UPS/FedEx) Package Delivery From Gift Registries While Away On Vacation (honeymoon)?

How can I hold (UPS/FedEx) package delivery from gift registries while away on vacation (honeymoon)? - fedex package delivered while on vacation

We were in a few weeks in another city, married from our house, then go on honeymoon immediately after more than two weeks. We fear a gift registry for some major retail stores, and some packets will be delivered to us while we are away. By default, UPS and FedEx make 3 delivery attempts, and the package in the local service center for up to one week. In addition, the packets sent back to the sender. Is there a way to celebrate the delivery of these packages? Unfortunately, we have no one to help us get these packages, while we are away. What can we do to make our packages to be back? Thank you for your help!


indianbl... said...

Congratulations! You can to your website and get your 800 number and call them and tell them your situation, but remember that for another day, because sometimes moving communication / documentation from one department to another is not always fast. Good luck!

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